How To Measure Your Hot Tub Cover


4-2 taper 2lb. density closed cell polystyrene foam core.

Marine grade vinyl – Marine vinyl continues to be the best option for spa covers. They use only the highest quality marine vinyl available.

Steel c-channel for reinforcement.

Foam core wrapped in a 4mm plastic, and heat sealed to help prevent water absorption.

Up to 4 locking , or non-locking fasteners.

2 handles

Measure in inches only

  • Length and width to the outside edge of the acrylic.  Or if circular, measure diameter.  If odd shaped, use a large piece of cardboard to make a template.
  • Radius of the corners.  Or if angled, length of angle.  You can obtain the radius by taking the last point on each side of the corner that is flat, use two straight edges and project out toward the corner.  The distance between where they intersect and the flat point on one side is the radius.
  • Width of skirting.  This is the amount of vinyl that hangs off the main body of the cover. Three to five inches is typical.  The skirting should be same height as the acrylic that is visible from the outside of the tub.
  • Length of straps.  Measure from the attach point to the center of the buckle.
  • Note which way the fold runs on your cover.
  • Note the location of the straps if hardware is already attached.